Hat Sizing

When trying to figure out what your size of a hat will be, an accurate measurement is best. Please do not go by the size of the hat you have worn in the past, as my sizes may be different than the hats that you have bought from others. If you are a repeat customer than I already have your size as I keep track of all of my customers hat sizes for future orders, and that is the size I will use unless you specify otherwise.

To get your accurate size:

Take a take a fabric tape measure and the circumference of your head at the brow bone, which is basically where a base ball hat comes to. Pull the tape measure as tight as you would like your hat to be, but not too tight. You can then pick your measurement from the drop down menu when ordering your hat; if you don’t see it there then you can add it in the special notes section. If you don’t have a fabric tape then you can print off my measurement tool.