About My Hats

The Fitters Wife’s Hats are made of the highest quality, and meticulously made with materials that are of the utmost highest quality that I can find. I use premium cotton fabric, fleece, flannel, jean, duck, or twill. The thread I use is of the highest quality as well. My hats are known to be comfortable to wear whether you are wearing them as a fitter, welder, under your hardhat, under your motor cycle helmet, your sports helmet , in the garden, or just for fun. I place the seams where they don’t pinch your forehead and my hats have an extra layer of material that gets tucked in around inside the band of that hat for an extra comfortable fit. When making your hats I sew three to four rows of decorative stitching around the band of the hat, and sometimes up the seams of the hat to the crown. You can pick the stitching or stitching is picked by me. The bills of the hats are made with matching material to the hat, and they have a layer of cotton reinforcement and are stitched with the same matching stitching to match the hats. You can get the bill of your hat in 2 inch (traditional), 3 inch medium, 4 inch large, medium extra wide and with no bill the choice is yours. My hats are all truly CUSTOM MADE to YOUR specifications and likes. You can get your hat made above your ear, at your ear, mid ear, or at the ear lobe. You can customize your hat at when ordering.

All hats are made no matter what the type:

  • Cotton Quilt Batting with no fake filler or cheapie stuff
  • Re-enforced seams
  • Invisible tucked headband for extra comfort

Customization of each hat:

  • Above Ear, At Ear, Mid Ear, Ear Lobe lengths
  • Traditional 2 inch, Medium 3 inch, Large 4 inch and Extra Wide Medium sized bills.
  • Any size is available from children’s to whatever your size.
  • Specific Stitch selection if wanted
  • Custom Embroidery

Prep Work of the hat:

  • Pre-washing to prevent dyes of fabric from bleeding into each other when washed.
  • Removal of harmful chemicals in the fabric making process
  • To minimize shrinking and bunching

Hat Care Instructions

All of the material used in making my hats has been pre-washed; most of them are made of 100% Cotton.

I wash all of my husband’s hats in cold water, so wash them cold water. I dry his hats right along with the rest of his clothes. You can either dry in dryer or lay flat to dry. The choice is yours.

He reshape’s his hats by; inserting both of his hands into crown of the hat and twisting it in opposite directions, by making a figure eight.

White Hats; A lot of people like a white hat, or drag up hat which is a white hat, I always recommend to them to use some type of stain remover and spray the band prior to washing as it helps remove sweat marks.