About Me

Hello and Welcome to “THE FITTERS WIFE”

For those that don’t know me, I am the proud Union Wife of a member in good standing with Local 44 Plumbers and Steamfitters. Over the years while my husband was out traveling for work become known as The Fitters Wife to a lot of my husband’s Union Brothers and Sisters while making them some of the best high quality custom hats. I started out making hats for my husband by trial and error, by tweaking them, from listening to your feedback, as well as getting special requests from his from co-workers and friends on what they wanted in a perfect hat, just the way they wanted them.

I was also motivated to make hats by the stories I would hear about you buying a hat from somewhere, you would get it home, you wash it, and it either shrinks, or doesn’t fit. You then toss it in a drawer, and it never see’s the light of day again. I don’t want that to happen to my hats that I make for you. It doesn’t matter how many times I have to redo a hat to get that perfect fit for you, I will do it. I guarantee all of my hats that I make. I have been brought a lot of hats that were not made by me, I have ripped them apart, and have done alterations to them just so that they can see the light of day. Everyone’s head is shaped a little different. What matters is that you love it, and it fits perfect.

Therefore, my hats are not mass produced; they are each custom made for you, to your specifications, so you can personalize them for your perfect look, fit and personality. I love it when someone contacts me and say’s “Stacey can you embroider this on my hat, or make my hat with this stitching, and in these colors, or in this fabric?” I love to see how proudly you all wear them on the job site, or under your motorcycle helmets, or just for fun.

So began my quest to make you hats that you will love, which is meticulously made by hand, of the highest quality materials that I can find, and is a perfect fitting hat just the way you want them. No one hat is alike.

Due to a lot of my husband’s Union Brother’s and Sister having to travel for work these days to stay working, I have had received several requests to have a website where they could order their hats and still get them custom made. Those of you who are used to calling me, texting me, or emailing me you can still order them that way if you like. The choice is yours.

I always love hearing from all of you, whether you are just saying hi, ordering some hats, giving me some feedback, have a special request, or don’t see what you are looking (contact me and I will find it if it’s out there),and then I will design you a hat that you will love.

For those of you who don’t already have my email address you can contact me through the contact me page.

May God Bless You All, as he has me.

Stacey “The Fitters Wife”